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Now you can hear Let's Talk Computers at any time, from anywhere in the world, over the Internet, using either Microsoft's Windows Media Player or RealAudio. You can listen in to the "insider" conversations, covering the latest innovations, hardware, and software and how they affect you.


Let's Talk Computers is the South's longest-running computer radio talk show, on the air since 1989. Produced in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, it is broadcast via radio in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Texas and New Mexico and on the world wide web via the Internet.

Hosts Alan Ashendorf and Sandra Ashendorf interview representatives from the computer industry about products and industry trends. Guests have included representatives from Adobe, Microsoft, Novell, IBM, Lotus, "PC World", Seagate, Citrix, Compuserve, Computer Associates, Corel, Symantec, "Internet Wire", Ziff-Davis and a host of other companies. Our goal is to let you know what is happening in the computer industry.

Let's Talk Computers makes every effort to evaluate the products and services it showcases in real-world situations by applying solutions to real-life problems. Let's Talk Computers uses the expertise and facilities of Total Solutions, Inc. to assist in that regard. This helps to insure that, unlike many other so-called reviewers, we have actually used the products that we talk about.

If you can't receive Let's Talk Computers in your area, contact the program manager, Jim McClurg, about broadcasting the show on a radio station in your area. He can be reached via email, or by paper mail at Let's Talk Computers, 488 Saddle Drive, Nashville, TN 37221.

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