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Picture of Sandy and Alan

Alan Ashendorf, CEO and President of Total Solutions, Inc. and Sandra Ashendorf host Let's Talk Computers ®. Alan has a reputation as a "pioneer" of the computer radio talk show, which dates back to his early days on the air in 1989.

His vision for a different type of computer talk show led him to develop the successful format for LTC, which he still uses today. Listeners can "tune in" and hear conversations between computer professionals, in which Alan asks the questions listeners want answered. It is his experience in dealing with the exciting and often complex issues of computer technology which keep the quality of the show high and the guests coming back for more.

Alan's background in electronics served as his entrance to the complex world of computers. His adventure in the world of computing began when he put together his first Altair from a kit. Alan is fond of remembering that, "believe it or not there were no computer books out there" when he began.

He became Editor of the Music City User's Group in 1985, then became its President. Later he and Sandra founded the Nashville Area PC User's Group, with a mission to bring together computer users from all walks of life and assist them in learning as much as possible.

There was a huge demand for a user group, dedicated to programming languages. So Alan founded the Nashville Clipper Developer's Association in 1988, which is dedicated to DOS/xBase programming and the CA-Clipper language.

As Microsoft Windows gained in popularity, the same type of interest occurred for a Windows programming language. So, Alan founded the Nashville Area Access/Visual Basic User's Group in 1996. This organization specializes in Visual Basic/Access use and programming.

Alan also has a monthly column, "Off the Air" in the Nashville ComputerUser. Each month, "Off the Air" spotlights one of the segments from Let's Talk Computers by reproducing excerpts from the interview.

Alan's Co-Host and wife, Sandra, retains the curiosity and excitement that only the apprentice and the end user can appreciate. Her background is in business. It is more important to her as to what the overall affect will be when she uses a product, rather than the technical background of its creation.

Sandra has never been impressed by “technology for the sake of technology”. Her interests are in the positive results of how that technology changes the lives of those it is supposed to serve. On a personal level, as well as a business owner, she marvels at the practical applications that these great technological advances that were promised to us are now starting to have. She has seen the hope, the beginnings of fruition, of a technology that advances the well-being of everyone. These advances are seen everyday in the fields of medicine and security; in the home, in the schools, as well as in the work place.

Her "other job" as a mother of a teenage girl keeps her on the lookout for software programs that educate and help to form the next generation of "computer gurus". So, whether you're a seasoned professional or the new end user, there is something for you on Let's Talk Computers!


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