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On the air since 1989, Let's Talk Computers ranks as one of the longest-running computer radio talk shows.  Let's Talk Computers is broadcast via radio to stations across the United States and to colleges and universities everywhere. Any of our current and past interviews can also be heard anytime anywhere via the Internet.

You can hear Let's Talk Computers at any time, from anywhere in the world, over the Internet, using Streaming Media. You can listen in to the "insider" conversations, covering the latest innovations, hardware, and software and how they affect you.

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October 28, 2006 Show:   Topic: "Windows Explorer On Steroids"  Guest: Jeff Hyman
Avanquest Publishing USA publishes best selling and award-winning small business software, PC utilities and digital media products.

Jeff Hyman, Vice President of Marketing from Avanquest discusses the latest release of Powerdesk Pro 6. This utility is a "must have" Wiindows Explorer replacement with all the features that Microsoft should have included.
Listen To Avanquest SoftwareOctober 28, 2006 interview
June 28, 2003 Show:   Topic: Utility Software  Guest: Jeff Hyman
V Communications has been creating solutions for users of personal computers since 1986. Its products, which are designed for a full range of PC users, are available worldwide and are widely recognized for their superior quality and reliability.

Jeff Hyman, Vice President of Marketing discusses the latest releases of System Suite, Partition Commander, and Fix-It. System Suite 5 is a comprehensive collection of essential PC utilities designed to maintain and protect your PC. Partition Commander® 8 lets you reclaim hard disk space, organize your files, add new operating systems (OSes), and in many cases speed up hard drive access speeds. Fix-It Utilities 5 includes powerful diagnostic tools to aid in finding problems with your system. Using these products together keeps your computer running efficiently and reliably.
Listen To V CommunicationsJune 28, 2003 interview
October 19, 2002 Show:   Topic: Consumer Utilities Software  Guest: Jeff Hyman

Listen To V CommunicationsOctober 19, 2002 interview
February 2, 2002 Show:   Topic: Utility Software  Guest: Jeff Hyman

Listen To V CommunicationsFebruary 2, 2002 interview
November 10, 2001 Show:   Topic: Utility Software  Guest: Jeff Hyman

Listen To V CommunicationsNovember 10, 2001 interview
November 11, 2000 Show:   Topic: Utilities  Guest: Jeff Hyman
Are you running Windows 98 but want to try out Windows 2000 or Linux?

Jeff Hyman, Vice-President of Marketing for , discusses Partition Commander 6 and System Commander 2000. Between these two products, you can repartition your hard drive and make it possible for your computer to boot and operate under multiple operating systems.
Listen To V CommunicationsNovember 11, 2000 interview
November 20, 1999 Show:   Topic: Utilities  Guest: Jeff Hyman
System Commander Deluxe prepares the system's hard disk for you - automatically! This allows you to install a new operating system while protecting your current operating system, making a completely risk-free installation.

Jeff Hyman from , discusses their latest product, AutoSave. This revolutionary new backup software lets you install and never think about it again! Learn more about this product and System Commander Deluxe in this interview.
Listen To V CommunicationsNovember 20, 1999 interview
November 14, 1998 Show:   Topic: Divide and Conquer  Guest: Jeff Hyman
What do you do with your new 10 gigabyte drive when your computer only reads up to 2 gigs? What do you do if you need to install a ninety meg program on your "C" drive and only have 40 left, but "D" has 500megs free? You partition, of course.

Jeff Hyman, Product Manager for , discusses the ins-and-outs of partitioning on the new drives.
Listen To V CommunicationsNovember 14, 1998 interview
August 22, 1998 Show:   Topic: Using Multiple Operating System's a Breeze  Guest: Jeff Hyman
With the emergence of yet another operating system, your chances of having a program that won't run increases. You want the latest since the new programs look interesting, but you want to keep the old because it works better than anything else you've found. With programs like V Communications System Commander you don't sacrifice the old for the new or vice versa.

Our guest, Jeff Hyman, tells you how System Commander allows you to install multiple operating systems on your computer so you can run anything you want.
Listen To V CommunicationsAugust 22, 1998 interview
December 27, 1997 Show:   Topic: Operating System Utilities  Guest: Jeff Hyman

Our first guest this week is Jeff Hyman, product manager from V Communications. Listen to find out how System Commander Deluxe can allow you to install multiple operating systems on your computer so you can run anything you want.
Listen To V CommunicationsDecember 27, 1997 interview
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