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On the air since 1989, Let's Talk Computers ranks as one of the longest-running computer radio talk shows.  Let's Talk Computers is broadcast via radio to stations across the United States and to colleges and universities everywhere. Any of our current and past interviews can also be heard anytime anywhere via the Internet.

You can hear Let's Talk Computers at any time, from anywhere in the world, over the Internet, using Streaming Media. You can listen in to the "insider" conversations, covering the latest innovations, hardware, and software and how they affect you.

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September 29, 2001 Show:   Topic: Internet Browsers  Guest: Dean Kakridas

Listen To Opera SoftwareSeptember 29, 2001 interview
September 30, 2000 Show:   Topic: Internet Browsers  Guest: Dean Kakridas
Tired of huge amounts of hard drive space allocated for an Internet browser, then having to download patch after patch and still getting sluggish performance. If your Internet browser leaves a "lot to be desired", then you might want to hear about another option.

Dean Kakridas from discusses the latest release of Opera's fast and responsive Internet browser.
Listen To Opera SoftwareSeptember 30, 2000 interview
December 18, 1999 Show:   Topic: Internet Browsers  Guest: Jon Tetzchner

Tired of 10MB+ downloads, megabytes of updates, sluggish performance, HTML standard violations, desktop domination, instability, the seductive word 'free', and a browser war that left you as the only casualty? Then hear what Jon Tetzchner has to say about Opera, an Internet browser that cuts the time for serious surfers.
Listen To Opera SoftwareDecember 18, 1999 interview
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