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February 16, 2008 Show:   Topic: Exchange Server Mailbox Recovery Tool  Guest: Jim Reinert
Kroll Ontrack, a technology services division of Kroll Inc., a subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. (NYSE: MMC).

Jim Reinert, Director of Business Development, talks about PowerControls 5.0, with their Mailbox Recovery Tool that provides New Live Exchange Server Functionality. Kroll Ontrack is the global risk consulting company that provides data recovery, advanced search, paper and electronic discovery, computer forensics, ESI consulting, and trial consulting and presentation services.
Listen To Ontrack Data RecoveryFebruary 16, 2008 interview
March 10, 2007 Show:   Topic: Power Controls 4.2  Guest: Jim Reinert
Ontrack Data Recovery is a brand name of Kroll Ontrack Inc., a technology services subsidiary of Kroll Inc., the global risk consulting company.

Jim Reinert, Director of Business Development talks about why companies that lose an email server and are unable to recover their lost emails, may not stay in business long - however by using Power Controls 4.2 they can now get recover those lost emails.
Listen To Ontrack Data RecoveryMarch 10, 2007 interview
April 15, 2006 Show:   Topic: Exchange e-mail recovery  Guest: Jim Reinert
Ontrack Data Recovery is the largest, most experienced and technologically advanced provider of data recovery products and services worldwide.

Jim Reinert, Director of Business Development with Ontrack talks about PowerControls 4.0, which helps simplify email management, giving administrators more control over their storage environment. PowerControls 4.0 also provides Advanced Searching capabilities for quicker response to restore requests.
Listen To Ontrack Data RecoveryApril 15, 2006 interview
August 20, 2005 Show:   Topic: Data Recovery  Guest: Jim Reinert
Ontrack Data Recovery has garnered numerous awards for their disk management and data recovery. Ontrack also offers award-winning PC utility software programs and services to help prevent critical data loss through a broad line of problem-solving, file-management and productivity utilities.

Director of Data Recovery with Ontrack, Jim Reinert discusses the many new features of EasyRecovery 6.10, such as the ability to recover a file that can be viewed, but is otherwise inaccessible.
Listen To Ontrack Data RecoveryAugust 20, 2005 interview
April 13, 2002 Show:   Topic: Utility Software  Guest: Jim Reinert

Listen To Ontrack Data International, IncApril 13, 2002 interview
December 8, 2001 Show:   Topic: Utility  Guest: Mark Wood

Listen To Ontrack Data International, IncDecember 8, 2001 interview
March 31, 2001 Show:   Topic: Recovery  Guest: Jon Eisele

Listen To OntrackMarch 31, 2001 interview
September 23, 2000 Show:   Topic: Internet  Guest: Jon Eisele
You don't want everyone to know where you've been on the Internet. Or you just want to clean up wasted space. Ontrack's Internet Cleanup will clean your computer of Internet debris quickly and easily.

Jon Eisele from Ontrack explains how you can set up a routine to erase unwanted information that fits with your lifestyle, from automatically erasing everything to just erasing what you choose (after all some cookies are important).
Listen To OntrackSeptember 23, 2000 interview
January 22, 2000 Show:   Topic: Utilities  Guest: Jon Eisele, Mike Kronenberg

Start the new year off with a clean computer. Learn from the experts, Jon Eisele and Mike Kronenberg, what you need to do to defragment your drives, clean-up "orphan" files, and maximize the efficiency of your computer. Find out how 's FixIt Utilities 2000, SystemSuite 2000, and EasyUnInstall work and which one is best for you.
Listen To OntrackJanuary 22, 2000 interview
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