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November 4, 2006 Show:   Topic: Maxtor Fusion personal Web server  Guest: Jon van Bronkhorst
Seagate (NYSE:STX) is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of hard disc drives and storage solutions, providing products for a wide range of Enterprise Desktop, Mobile Computing, and Consumer Electronics.

Jon van Bronkhorst, Executive Director of Seagate Branded Solutions talks about the new Maxtor Fusion personal Web server, a simple and secure solution for organizing and sharing your digital life.
Listen To SeagateNovember 4, 2006 interview
September 2, 2006 Show:   Topic: One Terrabyte Maxtor Shared Storage II  Guest: Jane Wasson
Seagate (NYSE : STX) is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of hard disc drives, providing products for a wide-range of Enterprise, Desktop, Mobile Computing, and Consumer Electronics applications.

Jane Wasson, Sr. Product Manager, Seagate Branded Solutions, talks about how, with their new Maxtor Shared Storage II, you can now instantly add centralized storage to your network, back up files across every compatible computer on your network, and stream music, videos, and photos from your network storage system to your home entertainment system.
Listen To SeagateSeptember 2, 2006 interview
November 13, 2004 Show:   Topic: SCSI Hard Drives  Guest: Jorge Fernandez
Maxtor Corporation (NYSE: MXO) is a worldwide leader in hard disk drives and consumer storage products. Maxtor, http://www.maxtor.com, offers one of the most expansive lines of storage products for users ranging from the consumer level to the enterprise level.

Enterprise Product Marketing Manager Jorge Fernandez discusses Maxtor's Atlas 10K and Atlas 15K lines of high-performance SCSI drives. The fifth-generation Atlas 10K V drive has the industry's highest 10K RPM SCSI performance with seek times as fast as 4.0ms, a maximum sustained data rate up to 89MB/sec and capacity up to 300GB providing exceptional performance and value for servers, workstations, and storage subsystems. The Atlas 15K II drive has capacities up to 147 GB with seek times as fast as 3.0ms and data transfer rates up to 98MB/sec.
Listen To MaxtorNovember 13, 2004 interview
October 25, 2003 Show:   Topic: One Touch Large Capacity Drives  Guest: Anna Jen
Maxtor Corporation (NYSE: MXO) is a worldwide leader in hard disk drives. The company has an extensive line of storage products for desktop computers, storage systems, high-performance servers and consumer electronics.

Senior Director of Product Marketing, Anna Jen discusses the Maxtor One Touch External Hard Drives. Maxtor's new line of external hard drives incorporates the award winning OneTouch button, Dantz Retrospect (tm) Express software and introduces a sleek new industrial design. Awarded top honor in the "Best Hardware" category at Fall RetailVision 2003, Maxtor OneTouch is the first push button backup and restore hard drive based solution in the market today.
Listen To MaxtorOctober 25, 2003 interview
August 2, 2003 Show:   Topic: High Capacity SCSI Server Drives  Guest: Joe DeRosa
Maxtor Corporation is one of the world’s largest suppliers of hard disk drive storage products and solutions. Maxtor offers one of the most expansive lines of storage products with three major product groups encompassing users at the consumer level up to the enterprise level.

Joe DeRosa, Senior Director Maxtor Server Products Group, discusses the Atlas line of high capacity SCSI drives. Explosive growth in enterprise-wide computing and Internet applications is increasing the need for larger and faster servers, workstations, and storage subsystems. The Maxtor Atlas 10K series SCSI disk drives have capacities up to 147.1GB, with a rotational speed of 10,000 RPM. Their extremely low seek times and fast internal transfer rates set a new standard of performance for enterprise and workstation drives. The 15K have capacities up to 73 GB with a rotational speed of 15,000 RPM.
Listen To MaxtorAugust 2, 2003 interview
February 15, 2003 Show:   Topic: High Capacity Removable Hard Drives  Guest: Mike Cordano/Anna Jen

Listen To MaxtorFebruary 15, 2003 interview
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