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On the air since 1989, Let's Talk Computers ranks as one of the longest-running computer radio talk shows.  Let's Talk Computers is broadcast via radio to stations across the United States and to colleges and universities everywhere. Any of our current and past interviews can also be heard anytime anywhere via the Internet.

You can hear Let's Talk Computers at any time, from anywhere in the world, over the Internet, using Streaming Media. You can listen in to the "insider" conversations, covering the latest innovations, hardware, and software and how they affect you.

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September 16, 2000 Show:   Topic: Operating Systems  Guest: Brian Livingston

Brian Livingston's latest release for IDG Books is a continuation of the immemsely popular Secrets line. Brian discusses Windows Millennium Secrets, covering Microsoft's latest operating system release for the home computer. Find a wealth of undocumented and hard-to-find features in this new book.
Listen To IDGSeptember 16, 2000 interview
June 24, 2000 Show:   Topic: Online Investing  Guest: Kathleen Sindell

Kathleen Sindell, author of Investing Online for Dummies by IDG, tells you how to buy, sell, and monitor your investments online. In fact find out about many of the online financial services available to you on the Internet, whether banking or investing.
Listen To Hungry MindsJune 24, 2000 interview
December 25, 1999 Show:   Topic: Y2K  Guest: Jesse Feiler

Y2K expert Jesse Feiler tells you what you need to know in his book Y2K Bible Procrastinator's Edition. Find out what this volume from has to prepare your systems for the Year 2000 -- and what to do when problems arise. Straightforward explanations help you objectively evaluate Y2K's potential impact on you, your business, and society at large and pinpoint the risks you face. Checklists, testing strategies, and morning-after advice help you develop a fast, focused, realistic plan to meet Y2K challenges -- and make the smoothest possible transition into the new millennium. It's never too late to assess your risk!
Listen To IDG BooksDecember 25, 1999 interview
December 11, 1999 Show:   Topic: General Computing  Guest: Bob O'Donnell
From Windows 95/98/2000 tips to networking to digital photography, Personal Computer Secrets from IDG Books opens up new PC horizons and helps you do more in less time.

Author Bob O'Donnell and radio talk show host discusses the scope of this book which covers everything in a fun-to-read, one-stop reference.
Listen To IDG BooksDecember 11, 1999 interview
February 20, 1999 Show:   Topic: Small Office/Home Office  Guest: Dean Sims
How To 2000 tackles the year 2000 issue from all sides.

author, Dean Sims, goes over the things you need to know to make informative decisions and correct your Y2K problems. The Raytheon team formulated strategies for Year 2000 problems. Sim's book features a complete description of nine compliance phases, specific tasks, standards for tracking progress, risk assessment, quality-assurance guidelines, project monitoring, problem definition, and a full review of third-party tools.
Listen To IDG BooksFebruary 20, 1999 interview
October 24, 1998 Show:   Topic: The Dummies Books: Idea to Implementation  Guest: John Kilcullen
Everyone has heard of the immensely popular "Dummies" books. In this segment,

John Kilcullen, CEO and Founder of the Dummies series, talks about how he came up with the idea. Also under discussion are some of the numerous books in the Dummies series. Be sure to listen!
Listen To IDG BooksOctober 24, 1998 interview
May 16, 1998 Show:   Topic: Online Marketing-What You Need To Know  Guest: Bud Smith
As you well know, IDG has published "Dummies" books for years on a wide range of topics. With the Internet becoming more pervasive than ever, IDG has come out with Marketing Online for Dummies.

Find out from author Bud Smith, what you need to know to get your products online with fewer problems and find it out with wit and humor.
Listen To IDG BooksMay 16, 1998 interview
December 6, 1997 Show:   Topic: Windows 95  Guest: Brian Livingston

Our second guest is noted author, Brian Livingston, introducing his new book from IDG, "Windows 95 Secrets". Learn how to unleash the power, expose the mysteries, and reveal the secrets of Windows 95.
Listen To IDG BooksDecember 6, 1997 interview
November 1, 1997 Show:   Topic: Windows 95 Tips and Tricks  Guest: Robert Maran

Listen To IDG BooksNovember 1, 1997 interview
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