Lets's Talk Computers - Executive Software  June 7, 2003
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Executive Software
Interview on June 7, 2003
Networking     Guest: Howard Butler
Founded in 1981, Executive Software is a global corporation specializing in focused development of system management tools for the enterprise. In addition, the company is the world leader in system performance/defragmentation software for Microsoft® Windows NT®, Windows® 2000, Windows XP and OpenVMS®operating systems, producing over 96 percent of the network defragmenters used in the corporate market.

Senior Technical Engineer, Howard Butler discusses Sitekeeper 2.0. This product is a necessity for the Network Administrator in any company. Sitekeeper 2.0 allows the user to automatically deploy software across the network making updates easy. Sitekeeper also keeps track of your software licenses so you never run afoul of the Business Software Alliance. In addition Sitekeeper keeps a log of the software and hardware components of each desktop or server on your site thus making system recovery easier.
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