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On the air since 1989, Let's Talk Computers ranks as one of the longest-running computer radio talk shows.  Let's Talk Computers is broadcast via radio to stations across the United States and to colleges and universities everywhere. Any of our current and past interviews can also be heard anytime anywhere via the Internet.

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July 28, 2007 Show:   Topic: Managing Humans - Tales of Software Engineering  Guest: Michael Lopp
Apress is a new publishing company devoted to meeting the needs of programming professionals.

Michael Lopp, author of "Managing Humans", talks about his new book, a humorous and insightful look at what pitfalls managers face and how to avoid them.
Listen To ApressJuly 28, 2007 interview
March 10, 2007 Show:   Topic: "Founders At Work-Stories of Startups' Early Days"  Guest: Jessica Livingston
Apress is a new publishing company devoted to meeting the needs of programming professionals.

Jessica Livingston, author of "Founders At Work-Stories of Startups' Early Days", talks about her fascinating look about the founders of some of the most easily recognizable companies such as Apple, PayPal, TiVo, and Yahoo!, just to name a few.
Listen To ApressMarch 10, 2007 interview
June 11, 2005 Show:   Topic: E-Commerce  Guest: Gary Cornell
Apress' unique approach to publishing was developed from conversations between best-selling authors , for and programmers,

Gary Cornell and Dan Appleman. In this interview, Gary Cornell, the publisher and CEO, examines eCommerce, eBooks, and Apress' "search within the book" feature. Apress.com is now selling many of its indispensable titles as eBooks, to offer IT professionals worldwide a variety of ways to stay at the forefront of technology. Offered in PDF format, these portable, affordable, and searchable eBooks are the perfect electronic companions to printed books. According to Cornell, Apress will launch its "search within the book" feature later in 2005.
Listen To ApressJune 11, 2005 interview
April 3, 2004 Show:   Topic: Protect Your Privacy  Guest: Dan Appleman
Apress is a publishing company specializing in high quality professional level books for computer programmers and Information Technology professionals.

Author, Dan Appleman is a co-founder of Apress and president of Desaware Inc., a developer of add-on products and components for Microsoft Visual Studio, including Spyworks, StateCoder and the NT Service Toolkit for .NET languages and VB6. His new book, "Always Use Protection: A Teen's Guide to Safe Computing" (http://www.alwaysuseprotection.com) utilizes his programming and security savvy to write a comprehensive book about computer security and privacy that is written for all of us who take advantage of what the Internet has to offer. In "Always Use Protection" Dan Appleman teaches us not only how to protect our computers from the latest virus, worm, and Trojan invasions, but also how to fight back and actually do something about them.
Listen To ApressApril 3, 2004 interview
June 14, 2003 Show:   Topic: Marketing Campaigns  Guest: Merrill R. (Rick) Chapman
Apress publishes titles of the highest caliber for computer professionals,

Apress' "In Search of Stupidity" by Rick Chapman is a funny and well-written business book that takes a look at some of the most influential marketing and business philosophies of the last twenty years. In 1982 Tom Peters and Robert Waterman kicked off the modern business book era with "In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America's Best-Run Companies". Unfortunately, many of the firms the book profiled, including Atari, Data General, DEC, IBM, Lanier, NCR, Wang, Xerox and others either crashed and burned or underwent painful and wrenching traumas you would have expected excellent companies to avoid. Merrill R. (Rick) Chapman believes that high-tech companies periodically meltdown because they fail to learn from the lessons of the past and thus continue to make the same completely avoidable mistakes again and again and again. His latest book proves the point as it takes the reader on a fascinating and wide-ranging journey from yesterday to today as it salvages some of high-tech's most famous shipwrecks while timely analyses of what happened to hole, damage, and even sink some of the industry's very own Titanics. "In Search of Stupidity: Over 20 Years of High-Tech Marketing Disasters" is the indispensable book for anyone who wishes to understand what companies do to fail, what they can do to avoid making yesterday's mistakes yet again, and who desperately desires to never ever see their company profiled in a sequel.
Listen To ApressJune 14, 2003 interview
June 15, 2002 Show:   Topic: The Difference in Apress  Guest: Gary Cornell, CEO

Listen To ApressJune 15, 2002 interview
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