LET'S TALK COMPUTERS, Broadcasting Computer News / Reviews - Since 1989 - Now Hear it on the Web and the South's longest-running computer talk show, broadcast since 1989
Broadcasting Computer News / Reviews - Since 1989 - Now Hear it on the Web

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Contact Information

Let's Talk Computers
488 Saddle Drive, Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37221-1903


About Let’s Talk Computers

Let’s Talk Computers® (LTC) wants to take this opportunity to thank you for making LTC one of the most enduring computer talk shows in this ever-changing business.  We are one of the first web sites to combine the radio talk show format with the familiarity of an insider’s perspective.  This dynamic combination actually began over 15 years ago and is still going strong.  Produced in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, it is broadcast via radio in 7 states: Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Texas and New Mexico and on the World Wide Web via the Internet 24/7.

What is it that keeps our guests and our listeners coming back for more?  Let’s face it; all computer talk shows are not created equal.  Here’s how LTC goes to work to give your company and your products the most dynamic exposure.   

·     When you are scheduled on Let’s Talk Computers you will receive the VIP treatment you deserve.  Hosts, Alan & Sandra Ashendorf get to know each guest during a preliminary conversation, which allows the special personality of each guest and product to shine.   

·     Why do we use an actual shipping product for review?  We test your product in real-life situations just as your customers do.  Since we use the actual shrink-wrapped product, not a pre-release, beta, or evaluation copy, our listeners are confident that your product will work for them as it does for us.  They know that they can trust our evaluation because we have the same “out-of-box” experience. 

·     The actual interview takes approximately 20 - 30 minutes.  During this time period, we only incorporate the points agreed upon during your confidential conversation.  Our state-of-the art sound equipment allows us to filter our conversation and guarantee a “clean” broadcast.   

·     Since your interview will be heard for years to come, LTC prides itself on each being a work of art.  Your original 20 minute interview is edited to approximately 14 minutes by our staff, removing irrelevant sounds and awkward pauses.  Our objective is to make each guest’s segment reflect the professionalism you want your company to portray. 

·     Our work doesn’t end when the interview is complete. Days before the interview is scheduled to air, our partnership with Marketwire, M2 and other press release services goes to work.  Press releases, announcing your interview, are distributed to over 3.3 million consumers and over 40,000 journalists.  And these press releases do not stop there.  Other news organizations such as UPI, Yahoo Financial, RCW Mirrus, and Bloomberg Financial have redistributed these releases.  

·     An optional transcript can also be prepared to be place on your web site to draw in more potential customers. A link to your transcript is also included in your press release. This transcript only resides on your website .

·     Your interview is then released for syndication to multiple radio stations and placed on our website.  LTC has reserved a separate page for each of our guests and only your interview will reside on that page.  Our listeners will be able to hear your interview in both Real Audio & Windows Media Player streaming audio formats anytime, from anyplace on the globe. 

·     We keep you informed after the fact, as well.  You will receive a copies of web pages that republish the release.  Copies of the interview are available to the guest or contact upon request.


When you have new products coming out, be sure to keep us in mind. 

Telephone: (615) 662-0322
Fax:   (615) 646-7832
Hosts:   Alan Ashendorf
  Sandra Ashendorf
Producers:   Sandra Lee
  Jim McClurg
Associate Producer:   Stephen Lawton
  Stephen Lawton is an award-winning business and technology journalist and marketing executive with more than 25 years of media experience. He served as editor of MicroTimes, Digital News & Review, SunWorld, and NetscapeWorld, as well as contributing articles to such publications as National Journal, Military & Aerospace Electronics, CIO Insight, Electronic Business, NetworkWorld, and PC Week.

On the corporate side, Stephen was senior director of strategic marketing for Acronis Inc., helping to build the company from its start-up mode to more than $120 million in annual sales. Stephen has done consulting work for market research firms including Enterprise Management Associates, Hartley & Associates, Rothchild Consultants, Storage Concepts and Storage Decisions, as well as doing consulting projects for Intel, Western Digital, and Verbatim.
Staff Writers:   Melinda Jaggers
  Tom Nichol


Emerging Media Correspondent:   Ken Russell
Ken serves as a  board member of some of the largest companies involved in the production of High Definition Interactive Video, for use as educational courseware and entertainment, as well as the provisioning of services to Internet Service Providers of Triple-Play products including Voice-over-IP, Video-over-IP and Last Mile Fiber networks for Municipalities, Rural County Economic Development Initiatives and Communities developing Next-Generation Networks.
   Some of these companies are:
Community Harbor
Conduit Corporation
Broadband Technology Corporation
Digital Crossing Networks
Nashville Regional Exchange Point
LoadPoint Telecommunications


Acknowledgments: Let's Talk Computers evaluates the products mentioned in our interviews in real life scenarios. We wish to acknowledge the contribution of our test site at Total Solutions, Inc. for their valuable contribution to our show.

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